Friday, 20 March 2015

Sacha Christie, Larry Warren, Peter Robbins - UFO Undercover 2015


Joe Montaldo and Christina Knowles on UFO Undercover as they interview Sacha Christie Larry Warren and Petter Robbins about RAF Bentwaters military base in England and what Former Air Force Colonel, Charles Halt says about it and what he says about Larry warren

 The most comprehensive and informative talk radio show dealing with UFO's and the alien abduction phenomenon. As an abduction researcher for over 25 years, Joe Montaldo is uniquely qualified to bring you live interviews with some of the most well known researchers in ufology. UFO Undercover also brings you some of the most revealing and current research being done on alien abductions and alien contact. With audience participation through our "virtual auditorium" chat room on Paltalk and, audience call in questions at: 1-504-273-7379, UFO Undercover brings a total listening experience to internet radio.

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Sacha Christie - Ravenstars Witching Hour Radio

Saturday March 7th at 12 Midnight EST - Sunday 5am UK

Part One - HERE
Part Two - HERE
  Join host Solaris BlueRaven with her guest Sacha Christie. In 1997 Sacha Christie went away for the weekend with a group of friends to a mountain in Wales. That night was to change all of them forever. They had an encounter with a large disc shaped object and a spherical object that landed behind them a mere twenty feet away. Every member of the group has had lasting psychological damage, one member sadly died of an overdose almost five years ago. 

In 2005 Sacha went public with her account and that is where things took a turn for the worse. After making friends within the community and traveling to stay with them, her experiences became more frequent and more brutal as time went on. She has had contact with Reptilians, Greys and Cobols and has been subject to MILABs. She believes she has seen both men in black suits and men in uniform in two separate locations. Her experiences have often involved other people who have verified her accounts. 

Sacha has become an advocate for witness protection, rights and respect. She is involved with Starborn Support, FREE and ICAR, she also runs her own private witness support network in the UK, UFOW and Co Hosts with Guy Weddle, Citizen Sane Radio. Sacha has recently become joint cohost with members of the Starborn Support Radio team. She has also debated in Universities with skeptics and psychologists for the group ASSAP about the experiencer phenomena and the ridiculous narratives we are handed as explanations.

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Live Saturday 28/02/15 - Starborn Support Radio - Carrie Boyer


Listen Live HERE via KRGA radio 8pm EST 3am UK

Tune in this week to join Michael Austin
  and co-hosts, Julia Weiss, Sacha Christie and Chris Augustin as they bring you another great interview and evening with Carrie Boyer, a great friend of Starborn Support Radio.

Carrie Boyer was born in Iowa in 1972, to a land surveyor father and a housewife mother. She is an abductee/experiencer, and has been featured in numerous TV shows and documentaries, including Nova, The Learning Channel, MTV's 50th Anniversary Roswell Special, and Geraldo. She is in Cybela Claire's work, and worked with the late, great Budd Hopkins.

She will be on the show to talk in depth about her experiences with alien beings, and to share her opinions and recommendations for the field of Ufology from her perspective.
Don't miss the show! Our guests are 100% certified Entertaining, Educational, and Inspiring!
Starborn Support Radio exclusively on KGRA Alternative Talk Radio:
Where Experiencers Speak!

Listen Live HERE via KRGA radio 8pm EST 3am UK

Saturday, 17 January 2015



 Please listen this Saturday at 10pm. Here is where you need to go:

 In defense of Larry Warren, In defense of Budd Hopkins, In defense of Peter Robbins, and David Jacobs, and in an effort to defeat the negativity and finger pointing, blaming, attempts to ruin reputations, and disgrace colleagues, Starborn Support Radio and our Guest, Sacha Christie, have invited some powerful voices to talk about these amazing, loving, caring people caught in the dust and grit of controversy -- against their will, and without cause. Sitting with Sacha through the evening is Carrie Boyer, a friend of Budd Hopkins, and Peter Robbins. Linda Cortile will join us at 10:30pm, and Deb Jordan-Kauble will be with us at 11pm Never before has a group of strong, Intelligent and experienced people, all abductees, come together on our show to fend off the B.S. flying fast and furious at these fine people who have spent their lives helping others. I implore you -- tune in. Listen to these people speak from their hearts. Learn first hand -- from the people who worked with Budd Hopkins, and who know Peter Robbins, and who know Larry Warren -- If you don't, you will miss something very special... 10:00pm. Tomorrow night. At the same place... Starborn Support Radio on KGRA Alternative Talk Radio: Where EXPERIENCERS SPEAK!