Saturday, 17 January 2015



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 In defense of Larry Warren, In defense of Budd Hopkins, In defense of Peter Robbins, and David Jacobs, and in an effort to defeat the negativity and finger pointing, blaming, attempts to ruin reputations, and disgrace colleagues, Starborn Support Radio and our Guest, Sacha Christie, have invited some powerful voices to talk about these amazing, loving, caring people caught in the dust and grit of controversy -- against their will, and without cause. Sitting with Sacha through the evening is Carrie Boyer, a friend of Budd Hopkins, and Peter Robbins. Linda Cortile will join us at 10:30pm, and Deb Jordan-Kauble will be with us at 11pm Never before has a group of strong, Intelligent and experienced people, all abductees, come together on our show to fend off the B.S. flying fast and furious at these fine people who have spent their lives helping others. I implore you -- tune in. Listen to these people speak from their hearts. Learn first hand -- from the people who worked with Budd Hopkins, and who know Peter Robbins, and who know Larry Warren -- If you don't, you will miss something very special... 10:00pm. Tomorrow night. At the same place... Starborn Support Radio on KGRA Alternative Talk Radio: Where EXPERIENCERS SPEAK!

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Starborn Support Radio Interview 2014

Sacha returns to to talk with host Michael Austin Melton.

This is the latest show I did with Jay Pee on I talk about some recent news to do with my own ufo sighting and the dynamics of the Rendlesham Forest Incident. I discuss Charles Halts total lies about Larry Warren being a substance abuser and how col Halt was able to listen to Larry warrens regressions.

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Monday, 11 November 2013

Sacha Christie - Starborn Support Radio 11/11/13

Sacha talks about her experiences with Starborn Support Radio

We are Starborn.  We are dedicated to our cause -- to improve, repair and support the lives of individuals who have withdrawn themselves from life because of the nature of their experiences.  We want to offer hope and support through the radio show we produce, and the groups we will be creating across the southeastern portion of Pennsylvania.  as time goes on, growth will be inevitable. Ultimately, we want to see Starborn Support affiliations across the State, and indeed across the country.  A lofty goal?  Perhaps, but with the help of our "boss" and colleague, Audrey "Starborn" Hewins, it's more than a dream.  It is an eventuality.  For all of you who are lost, without direction, rejected, isolated from family, friends, and life in general, Starborn Support is here for you!  P.A.S., or Post-Abduction Syndrome, is as close as you can get to Post-traumatic Stress Disorder.  The symptoms match, sometimes one-to-one

Starborn Support of Southeastern Pennsylvania is the Pennsylvania Chapter of Starborn Support of Maine, founded by Audrey "Starborn" Hewins.  She has been abducted by alien entities her entire life.  She, and a group of supporters to her cause, founded this wonderful organization.  we, at Starborn Support of S.E. PA have been in operation since December of 2012. We are all co-hosts of
Starborn Support Radio

There are four of us that make up the Starborn Support of S. E. PA:

Michael Austin Melton, M.S., Psy.D.: Counselor, Co-Director, Founder

Laura Weisser, Behavioral Sciences, Research, Facilitator, Co-Director

Julia Weiss: Researcher, Facilitator, Co-Director

Chris Augustin: Multiple Abductee, Researcher, Facilitator, Co-director
                          And administrator of

Thursday, 12 September 2013

ASSAP Conference Bath UK 2013

ASSAP 2013 Conference - Part 10
Are UFOs Different from other Anomalous Phenomena

ASSAP is a scientifically-orientated educational and research charity and learned society dedicated to a better understanding of anomalous phenomena. As well as education, they carry out investigations and research.

Anomalous phenomena divide broadly into four areas: psychic phenomena (ghosts, telepathy, mediumship, etc.), Fortean phenomena (cryptozoology, fish falling from the sky, etc.), Earth Mysteries (leys, archaeoastronomy, etc.) and UFOs